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Improving the impact of your written and spoken communication in English

Increasing internationalisation of companies requires employees to converse and correspond more and more in the English language. Our business communication training aims to arm you with the right tools for communicating effectively with international business partners – whether in person, on the phone or via email. We also deal with business etiquette, so that you can avoid making embarrassing “bloopers” in a conversation. This also involves learning about why misunderstandings occur and how cultures around the world differ in their communication style.


  • Improve the accuracy and breadth of your communication in the English language

  • Increase your self-assurance when using the English language in a business environment

  • Know how to communicate and what to avoid in an international context


Number of participants: up to 12 people / Duration: 2 days / Inhouse + Open Seminars

TARGET GROUP: All those who wish to improve their written and verbal communication skills in a business environment. This training is held solely in the English language, thus English language skills are important, but please don’t think you have to be perfect….!


…in e-mail communication…

  • how to gain greater attention for your written correspondence

  • to get the tone right – informal vs. formal communication

  • to read between the lines and how to formulate things in a diplomatic manner

  • how to bring across bad news as well as dealing with complaints

  • important dos and don’ts in email communication

…when communicating on the phone…

  • ways of formulating what you want to say so that others understand!

  • active listening skills on the phone

  • what to say when forwarding calls, how to tell somebody you don’t understand them

  • tips and tricks for conference calls

  • important English phrases for telephoning with your business partners

…and if communicating in person…

  • small talk in international business

  • questioning techniques to improve your discussions

  • understanding misunderstandings between people

  • adapting our communication to people from different cultures

  • business etiquette around the world

  • and of course, the possibility to speak and practice English for 2 days!

METHODS: Interactive workshop with: individual reflection, pair discussion and group work, analysis of short video sequences, short practice sessions with feedback. Plus, interactive exercises with typical or your own business situations.

TRAINER: David Preston (English-Native-Speaker)  

The themes covered can of course also be combined with other negotiating topics within the framework of an inhouse-seminar. 

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* We offer a 10% discount for every further participant from the same company if they visit the seminar together. More details in our booking conditions.

** can be held over 1 day with a smaller group size and with concentration on few topics

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