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You have already gathered some experience in negotiating and would now like to improve your personal style and learn how to deal with difficult negotiating partners.


It is only on rare occasions that negotiations run fully smoothly – in most cases, normal conversational tactics and negotiating techniques alone are not sufficient for dealing calmly and successfully with tense situations, especially when they involve heated emotions and even threats from negotiating partners.


In our advanced training unit, you will learn and practice tried and tested negotiating methods and techniques, including controlling your body posture and how to de-escalate conflicts. We show you a number of models and strategies that you can still use to convince your negotiating partner even in the event of a conflict situation, which will bring about a positive outcome for both sides. You will also learn what to do when things don’t work out.


  • You reflect upon and work on your own personal negotiation style

  • You are able to deal confidently with difficult or even aggressive negotiation partners

  • You can master complex negotiation situations


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