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Negotiation and deal successfully across borders

Negotiating is not the same everywhere in the world. There are a whole host of different negotiating procedures and strategies, from ‘haggling’ to the use (or non-use) of body language, as well as considerable differences in values, principles and attitudes. When negotiating with people from other cultures, your command of business English or other language skills is not in itself enough. What you also need is a degree of understanding for the cultural differences involved and a willingness to open yourself up to the modes of the other culture.

Once you have completed the unit you will not only know how cultures differ but also understand how to breakdown barriers in cross-cultural negotiations and to reach a higher level of acceptance, understanding and a healthy plain for successful negotiation.


  • You will learn how cultures differ and what effects these differences have on negotiation.

  • You will be able to analyse other cultures systematically and thus develop alternative ways of pursuing your negotiation.

  • You will know what to do whenever you need to conduct successful negotiations with other cultures.


Number of participants: up to 12 people / Duration: 1-2 days  / Inhouse + Open Seminars


TARGET GROUP: This training course is directed at anyone who wishes to master negotiation when dealing with people from other cultures.


Important fundamentals

  • why cultural knowledge and awareness is important for your negotiations

  • an introduction to cultural definitions; the impacts and effects of culture

  • to identify and dismantle barriers in intercultural negotiation

  • what others think of us and how we perceive people from other cultural backgrounds


Cultural categories and research

  • the most important findings from cultural research – theory and practical application

  • cultural behavioural standards in other countries and their effect on negotiation

  • how time and working style can affect the structure of your negotiation

  • differences between individualistic and collectivistic cultures in negotiations

  • the effect of power structures, authority and decision-making in other countries


Differences in negotiations and meetings

  • business etiquette in other countries, including Russia, China, the USA, and India

  • strategies for managing cultural differences in international negotiations

  • differences in communication: verbal language, body language and communication style

  • peer advice on how to manage your intercultural conflict situations

METHODS: Interactive workshop with: Trainer input, group and pair work, small role exercises, discussions, study of participant cases and critical incidents.

TRAINER: Sebastian Hawkins (English-Native-Speaker)  

The themes covered can of course also be combined with other negotiating topics within the framework of an inhouse-seminar.

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