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A one-day intensive training with British native speakers

Despite Brexit, the UK is one of Germany’s most important trading partners. Although geographical proximity suggests otherwise, major differences exist in culture and mentality. These are particularly evident in business meetings, negotiation situations and general collaboration in teams. Especially in the way “one” communicates, different “unwritten” rules apply in the UK than in Germany. Knowing and understanding these as well as the way the British work and negotiate is the aim of this seminar.

Cultural differences in the style of communication and negotiation are examined in detail. This will give you a sense of how to respond appropriately to "typical English" behaviour. Through this, you gain more confidence for dealing formally and informally with your British counterpart as well attaining greater acceptance yourself and you’ll be able to avoid misunderstandings (or at least understand them!).


After this seminar, you will be able to negotiate, meet and work better with your British counterparts. In detail, you will learn:

  • How the British really tick and what values drive their behaviour

  • How to increase your acceptance with UK business partners

  • How to optimize collaboration with the British.


Number of participants: up to 12 people / Duration: 1 day / Inhouse + Open Seminars


TARGET GROUP: This seminar is ideal for anyone working professionally with the British, whether in sales, purchasing or as a colleague, employee or boss.


Some basics

  • definitions of and influences on culture

  • introduction to various cultural research studies

  • British culture in the context of other cultrures around the world

Historical, Political and Economic Development of Great Britain

  • historical factors and their current significance

  • current economic development and market situation

  • the most important things about political factors and power relations

Differences in fundamental values ​​and how to deal with them

  • cultural standards that prevail in the UK and get answers to many questions about British temperament and behaviour

  • the impact of UK core values ​​on international collaboration and common problem areas

  • the most striking differences between Germans and Britons and how we should deal with them

Communicate and negotiate with the British

  • the biggest communication traps in the UK

  • direct vs. indirect communication and receive an answer to the question: "How direct can I be?"

  • what you should look out for when working in the UK and with the British

  • how they negotiate and how to build a purposeful argumentation

  • do’s and don’ts when meeting with or negotiating with the British

  • PLUS: Receive answers to your individual questions and cases about communicating with the British and develop suitable solution strategies

We provide hands-on strategies to successfully communicate with UK business partners.

METHODS: Lively mix of trainer input, group and pair work, short film sequences, plenary discussions. This seminar is held solely in the English language. (perfect English is not necessary!!).

TRAINER: Sebastian Hawkins or David Preston (both from the UK, live and work as trainers in Germany)  

The themes covered can of course also be combined with other negotiating topics within the framework of an inhouse-seminar.

We also use video recordings so you can refelct upon your own negotiation performance

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