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Negotiate with success in all kinds of situations

Whether at work or at home, there are a variety of situations in which we are called upon to negotiate. It may concern the terms of your suppliers, contractual negotiations with customers, or internal discussions with colleagues or superiors. Negotiating is also a skill you might have to use at home, for example when discussing with your teenage daughter about when she has to be home at night. We find ourselves in some kind of negotiation every single day. And, therefore, it is important to negotiate well and in a professional manner.

Perhaps negotiation at work is new for you or maybe you have already acquired many techniques and developed a repertoire of methods that you apply in your daily life, which you would now like to optimise. Or maybe negotiating is a new skill for you, and you will soon be facing the task of conducting important negotiations for the first time. In our training you will be able to find out about and practice the important skills for successful negotiation.


  • You learn important fundamentals and techniques for negotiation and can implement these with confidence in real-life situations

  • You know how to prepare and set up a negotiation and how to go about improving your negotiation position

  • You can practice negotiation in the protective setting of our training and receive useful feedback from trainer and participants.


Number of participants: up to 12. / Duration: 2-3 days, depending on requirements / Inhouse + Open Seminars 


TARGET GROUP: Ideal for those who have had little negotiation experience so far in their professional environment. Also for participants who are completely new to the topic and are to take on tasks in the future, where negotiations are necessary. Participants are of course also welcome who already negotiate, but have never attended an official training and wish to improve their skills!


Fundamentals, to be a better negotiator

  • basics of and a definition of negotiation

  • why it is important to negotiation well

  • in which situations it isn’t worthwhile negotiating

  • strategic approaches of various negotiation styles and using them flexibly


A good preparation

  • how to plan and prepare your negotiations more effectively

  • everything about developing alternatives, in case of impasse

  • possibilities for increasing the pie through the development of options and various solutions


Important communication techniques in negotiations

  • leading discussions with confidence and uncovering interests via questioning techniques

  • listening actively to the motives and concerns of your negotiation partner

  • the effect of body language in negotiations


Tactics, structure and techniques of negotiation

  • the phases and activities during and after a negotiation

  • important tactics and techniques in order to win over the other party

  • the principles from “Getting to Yes” (Harvard) for conducting fair and more efficient negotiations

  • important facts and techniques for price negotiations

METHODS: Interactive workshop with: Trainer input, group and pair work, role exercises followed by video analysis, plenary discussions, study of participant cases

TRAINER: Sebastian Hawkins (English-Native-Speaker)  

The themes covered can of course also be combined with other negotiating topics within the framework of an inhouse-seminar.

We also use video recordings so you can refelct upon your own negotiation performance

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