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Business Training

with English native speakers

Training & coaching with experience, know-how and humour!

Hawkins Consulting has been successfully established as a training and coaching provider in the fields of negotiation and international communication since 2008. Our team of experienced trainers consists solely of English native speakers. 

Whether you wish to learn the fundamentals of negotiation, require more advanced training or individual coaching in the English language. Naturally, as all of our trainers are bilingual, we can also offer you training and seminar courses in German, if required. We provide, therefore, an optimum training solution for your employees in Germany and for your international workforce. 

Seminars and staff training suited to your needs

Our services are aimed at companies based in Germany, organisations with international purchasing and sales teams, and firms with a high proportion of employees from abroad. They are also suitable for individuals requiring a qualification in intercultural communication and negotiation. 

Open seminars can be booked immediately on our website. If you are however interested in an in-house training, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements. The published training topics can be combined with each other and tailored according to your target group and requirements.

We get you in shape for

international business.

Greater confidence,

greater ability,

greater success.

Sebastian Hawkins

Benefits to you

  • One concept in two languages; individual, flexible, and practice-oriented

  • For in-house teams or individual employees, as part of our open seminar programme or in the form of an individual coaching session

  • We are active all over Europe, wherever you need us – ideal for all employees, whether at the head office or in international subsidiaries

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