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People involved in business negotiations frequently have to deal with individuals representing a range of different parties and interests, as well as other representatives of their own negotiating side, who may be directly or indirectly involved in the negotiation.

In this seminar, you will learn to recognise the different personality types that you can be confronted with in such situations, allowing you to identify them more quickly whenever you are in a negotiation. You will also learn how to adapt your own communication style to suit the different personalities. Doing this, however, requires that you are aware of what makes up your own personality. For this reason, the seminar also gives you an opportunity to draw up and evaluate your own DiSC® profile.

DiSC® stands for Direct, Influential, Steadiness and Conscientious  – and these are the four personality traits with which this training seminar is concerned. For more information about the DiSC profile, please click here!


  • You will learn to recognise the characteristics of the various personality types and what effect they have in negotiations and talks. You will practice recognising these types of people from certain, characteristic behaviour patterns.

  • You will practice adapting your own communication to exert more persuasive power onto your negotiating partner.

  • You will be better equipped to cope in difficult discussions when you are able to effectively assess the basis motives and behavioural tendencies of the people you are in negotiation with.

  • You will have the opportunity to determine your own personality profile in accordance with the DiSC® system and in turn find out what elements of your communication are in need for further development.


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