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Inspire and motivate - even in the foreign language

The English language is becoming an ever more important factor of international business life – both within culturally mixed companies and for communicating with international partners. The ability to hold presentations in English is an absolute imperative nowadays. In addition to this, it is your personal demeanour that determines your ability to ‘sell’ your idea, your product or yourself as a person.

Whether you want to be successful in selling, purchasing, product management or project management:
It is essential to remain confident and self-assured in front of an international audience.


  • To be responsive to your listeners, to keep their attention and above all to keep them awake!

  • To be aware of your posture and body language.

  • To know what expectations your various target groups will have of you.

  • Important English phrases and sentences for you to use in your future presentations.


Number of participants: up to 10 people / Duration: 2 days** / Inhouse + Open Seminars

TARGET GROUP: Suitable for anybody wishing to hold a speech or presentation in English.
It does not matter whether or not you have any experience in giving presentations – we will teach you everything you need to know!


About your role as a presenter

  • what makes successful presentations and lectures

  • how to understand their role in international presentations

  • how you, as a speaker, can have more impact on your audience

  • What you should pay attention to when presenting

About building a good presentation

  • which structures and tools are available for presentations

  • how to best start and create tension

  • rhetorical tricks for greater effectiveness

  • storytelling and other resources for inspiring presentations and talks

  • how to keep it simple: to convince with less complexity

  • tips for making a successful conclusion of a lecture

About challenging situations

  • how to deal with nervousness and potential mistakes in a confident manner

  • to handle difficult participants and presentation situations

  • to overcome language barriers and achieve greater self-esteem

  • how to use your voice and body language appropriately and with greater impact

Of course, we are happy to tailor the training towards your specific demands in the case of an in-house seminar (product presentations, targeting certain audiences, etc.)!

METHODS: Practice-oriented training with: presentation sequences in front of the camera, group and trainer feedback, trainer input, small group work.

TRAINER: Sebastian Hawkins or David Preston (both from the UK, live and work as trainers in Germany)  

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* We offer a 10% discount for every further participant from the same company if they visit the seminar together. More details in our booking conditions.

** can be held over 1 day with a smaller group size and with concentration on few topics

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