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Improving the impact of your role in and the results of meetings and workshops

English is being used more and more in the workplace, particularly during meetings. As soon as someone from an English-speaking nation is present in the meeting room, often the language changes to English. As a facilitator, your job is to control the meeting and to know which techniques can be used at what stage – for discussions and creative sessions as well as for decision making. As well as learning some of these instruments, this seminar aims to strengthen your presence in a meeting, give you greater perceived authority and to arm you for dealing with challenging situations such as cultural differences and difficult meeting members.


  • Increasing your self-assurance when conducting meetings and to receive greater personal recognition

  • Knowing how to use facilitation and creative techniques to improve collaboration in meetings

  • Dealing with awkward situations, conflict scenarios and difficult people

  • Helping you improve your confidence when dealing with people from various cultures in workshops


Number of participants: up to 12 people / Duration: 2 days / Inhouse + Open Seminars

TARGET GROUP: All those who wish to learn about and to use facilitation techniques for improving the effectiveness of their meetings as well as to gain more confidence as facilitators.


Workshop facilitation

  • the importance of moderation and problem-solving methods

  • to understand perspectives on problems, causes and solutions

  • important prerequisites for a successful workshop

  • the facets of a structured problem-solving process how representatives of different cultures tackle problems

Methods and tools
• use creativity techniques to understand the problem
• how we can systematically analyse problems and questions
• tools to facilitate a constructive solution-oriented process
• tools to implement and control measures
• when a structured process is not always desirable

Conflict Management in Meetings & Workshops

  • the role of the facilitator as a conflict advisor or mediator

  • dealing with emotional people and emotional outbreaks in workshops

  • how best to respond to conflict situations through your tone and presence

  • characteristics of meetings in diverse cultures and how participants fundamentally behave and argue


Group dynamics and motivation

  • to motivate your participants to participate in workshops

  • to deal with participants’ fear of contributing to group sessions

  • to consider a person’s culture regarding their input and active participation in workshops

  • to keep your participants fit during longer workshops

  • how to deal with further challenging situations during workshops and meetings

Trainer input, small working groups, plenary discussion, case-study examples, learning-by doing (using the introduced methods for real-life challenges), short video sequences, learning from peers.

METHODS: Interactive seminar with small group work, preparation and presentation of workshop tools in pairs, feedback after presentations, trainer-input with further methods, tricks and techniques, short role play situations with trainer and group feedback.

TRAINER: Sebastian Hawkins or David Preston (both from the UK, live and work as trainers in Germany)  

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